Our concrete sinks are created by using a custom built prefabricated mold that allows us to cast your sink in our workshop. It starts by taking the measurements of your bathroom or powder room. We take your design concept and build the mold to your specifications.  Concrete has near limitless design potential, and allows you to customize the shape, size, and color of your sink. Stones, shells or other affects can be embedded in the concrete after it is poured to add a unique touch and style all your own. 

Choose a Style 

Basin Sink

The Basin is a rectangular sink with tight radius corners and slightly angled sink bottom, sloping water to the central round drain.  This sink style works best with a cabinets and bar top sinks due to its large 8” depth.

17" Ramp Sink

The 17” Ramp is a wedge shaped sink that uses a slot drain rather than the 'traditional' round drain.

24" Ramp Sink

The 24" Ramp is simply a larger version of the 17” Ramp.  A slot drain is utilized and the 24” size works well with most typical base cabinets in a bathroom vanity setting.

Ripple Ramp Sink

Ripple Ramp Sink

The Ripple Ramp sink incorporates multiple layered levels into a sloping ramp shape.  The erosion style simulates the detail of fine sandstone erosion terminating in to a slot drain.

Barrel Sink

The Barrel sink has a half-barrel shape with vertical front and back walls & a smooth flowing slope to a central round drain.

Bowl Sink

The Round Bowl sink is a classic 15” diameter bowl with a round drain that works for all types of design such as floating, pedestal mounted and cabinet mounted installation.

Shell Sink

Designed after the fossilized remains of the Nautilus shell. The spiral shape channels water smoothly around, and down to the round drain. Smooth transitions ensure ease of cleaning.

Shallow Wave Sink

The Shallow Wave is a low profile, gentle sloping wave design that directs water to a central round drain.  The shape is similar to the “Barrel” with a larger width and shallower depth.