Floating Concrete Sinks

Of the three styles of concrete sinks, floating sinks require the most planning and preparation.  Floating sinks "float" on steel brackets and/or wood blocking.  These brackets are attached to the wood studs where the sink will be mounted.  Floating sinks are easiest to install in new construction (or major bath remodels) because the steel brackets can be mounted to the wall framing before drywall is installed.  There are three types of floating sink installs



Nook Sink

Wood blocking is attached to the wall on three (3) sides so the sink is fully supported on the left, back and right side.  A 4"-5" thickened front edge hides the wood blocking.  Nook floating sinks have an advantage because they only use wood blocking for supports.  The blocking can be mounted over the drywall and does not require access to the wood framing for bracket attachment.  Accurate measurements are critical in nooks because if it's too large, it wont fit!  It is suggested to order a nook sink 1/4" smaller in length so you have room to work with by adding a 1/8" backsplash or caulking.  The width of the sink depends on how deep the nook is.  Industry standards for nooks typically 20"-26" deep.

Corner Sink

Wood blocking is attached to the wall on two (2) sides and a bracket is mounted to the wall framing to support the exposed edge of the sink.  A 4"-5" thickened edge is built on two sides of the sink to hide the blocking & bracket.  The length of a corner sink depends on the location of the plumbing.  If the plumbing is 20" from the corner, you would want your sink approximately 40" long so the sink is centered over the plumbing.      

In-Line Sink

Two (2) brackets are mounted to the wall framing to provide left & right supports for the sink.  The plumbing would be centered between the brackets.  A 4"-5" thickened edge is built on 3 sides of the sink to hide the brackets.  The size of your In-Line floating sink is up to you!  Brackets are spaced equally on either side of the plumbing.  

Concrete Pedestal Sinks

Custom pedestal sinks are extremely easy to size and install.  The concrete sink has a 4"-5" thickened edge on all four sides and sits on a beautiful wood pedestal made to size by Cajun Moon Designs with reclaimed / recycled / repurposed materials local to Colorado.   The size of your custom pedestal sink is up to you.  The finished product can simply be placed in front of the bathroom plumbing and hooked up to the water & drain.  There are two basic types of wood pedestal stands.

Open Frame Pedestal Sink

Open frame pedestal sinks are fashionable & minimalist.  A shelf is built into the pedestal to hold items such as towels and other decorative pieces.  The height of the pedestal is typically 28"-32" tall.  This allows for a 4" thickened edge of the concrete that hides the underside of the sink.  The overall height should be between 32"-36" depending on your preference.  

Box Frame Pedestal Sink

Box Frame Pedestals are very similar to Open Frame Pedestals with one exception - they have a compartment for storage rather than a shelf.  They're also typically built 28"-32" tall and support a concrete sink with a 4" edge profile.  Cajun Moon Designs fabricates these functional art pieces and they're made to support the weight of concrete sinks without question.  

Concrete Vanity Sinks

Concrete vanity sinks are custom made to fit the vanity cabinet that you select.  Many people that order concrete vanity sinks order the cabinets from retail locations such as Restoration Hardware, Ikea, Home Depot, etc.  Concrete vanity sinks have a 2" edge profile and sit directly on the cabinet with the sink centered in the countertop.  When measuring the concrete vanity sink take into account the overhang that you want for your top (1" overhang is typical).  If the cabinet is placed in a corner, you''ll have overhang on the front and one side.  If the cabinet is placed on a flat wall, you'll have overhang on the front and two sides.  When selecting a sink style, make sure that the cabinet has enough room (front to back & side to side) for the recessed sink.